Chi Chair Massage Lauren Jane LMT MA78026

Massage therapist treating a client.


Welcome! If you’re looking for a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist, you’ve come to the right place. Chi Chair Massage (formerly known as Ambiance Spa to go) brings professional Massage Therapists to your office or event. Lauren Jane Owner and Lead Massage Therapist has a network of professional Massage Therapists should you need more than one for your office or event. 


If you’d like to set up an appointment or ask questions click on "Contact Me" and send us a message or call 321-591-1001.


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Policies: Sexual jokes, innuendo, comments, behavior will not be tolerated on any level. If any sexual impropriety takes place before, during or after the session, the session will end immediatly, the client will be charged the full price, and will not be allowed to book future appointments.